Filetto di salmone grigliato

Grilled Salmon Steak

Health Benefits of Salmon

Grilled salmon steak

Rich in Omega 3: Unlike most other fats, omega-3 fats are considered “essential,” meaning you must get them from your diet since your body can’t create them. Salmon is rich in long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and decrease risk factors for disease.

Great source of protein: Your body requires protein to heal, protect bone health and prevent muscle loss, among other things. Salmon provides 22–25 grams of protein per 3.5-ounce serving.

High in B vitamins: Salmon is an excellent source of several B vitamins, which are needed for energy production, controlling inflammation and protecting heart and brain health.

Good source of potassium 100 grams of salmon provide 11–18% of the RDI of potassium, which helps control blood pressure and prevent excess fluid retention.

Can help fight inflammation Salmon and other fatty fish can help lower inflammation, which may reduce risk factors for several diseases and improve symptoms in people with inflammatory conditions.

May protect brain health: Frequent salmon consumption may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, protect fetal brain health in pregnancy and decrease the risk of age-related memory problems.

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