Weekly Specials


- Baked oysters 1400 ksh

- Plate of smoke tuna and smoke sailfish 1700 ksh

- Tuna carpaccio 1500 ksh

- Vitello tonnato 1800ksh


- Tortellini panna e prosciutto (cream and ham) 1400 ksh

- Ossobuco stewed with garden peas and grilled polenta 1700 ksh

- Red snapper fillet, grilled or siciliana style 1700 ksh

- Seafood soup with calamari, octopus, snapper and prawns 2500 ksh

- Black seafood ravioli in fresh tomato sauce tossed with pesto 1800 ksh

- Green ravioli with lamb meat: butter and sage, tomato or cream mushrooms 1500 ksh

- Pink ravioli with feta and mushrooms in cream sauce or butter and sage 1600 ksh

- Tagliatelle truffle cream oil and fresh mushrooms 1900 ksh

- Pork on grill (mix grilled pork cuts ) 2000 ksh

- T-Bone steak 500 grams from well hung butchery 3000 ksh

- Mix grilled seafood: Lobster, prawns, calamari, snapper, salmon 4000 ksh

- Rib eyes grilled or milanese 2200 ksh

- Special lamb chops from Well hung butchery 2200 ksh

OUR SPECIAL TAGLIERE: wild boar salami, wild boar ham lardo, hot salami, salame Napoli, pancetta, brie cheese, pecorino toscano, mortadella, goat cheese with walnuts, deep fried provolone served with piadina bread 3800 ksh

BRUSCHETTA FIRENZE: made with original Tuscany bread topped with Stracchino cheese, mozzarella, Parma ham and rucola 890 ksh

BRUSCHETTA COLONNATA: made with original Tuscany bread topped with lard, rosemary and mushrooms 890 ksh



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The Beginning

It took almost 8 months to build and open La Cascina.

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